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Soundreaming Volume 2

Jacek Doroszenko – Soundreaming Volume 2, Requiem Records

Jacek Doroszenko – Soundreaming Volume 2: Overlooked Horizons + Soundreaming Compilation, Various artists

Label: Requiem, PL
Medium: CD digipack + digital streaming

We present the second album in the Soundreaming series by Jacek Doroszenko: Soundreaming Volume 2: Overlooked Horizons. The album also features a second disc titled Soundreaming Compilation with guest artists such as: Ewa Doroszenko, Anna Zaradny, Yann Novak, Autistici, Zenial, Ampscent, Giulio Aldinucci, Grzegorz Doroszenko, Chris Hernandez, Robert Worby.

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Soundreaming Volume 2: Overlooked Horizons

Jacek Doroszenko

  1. Away From Home Yet Feeling at Home Everywhere, feat. Chris Hernandez
  2. The Promise of Sublime Words
  3. My Temporary Shelter When It Gets Hot
  4. Command Center
  5. Elegy of the Synthetic Landscape
  6. Power Plants
  7. Die Universität der kürzesten Wege
  8. Transferring Familiar Views
  9. The Problem of Floating with the Horizon
  10. Momentary Objects
  11. Rondeau

Soundreaming Compilation

Various artists

  1. Anna Zaradny – Full Super Moon 777
  2. Yann Novak – Paradoxical Antagonist
  3. Autistici – Facticity remix
  4. Zenial – Cathedral
  5. Ampscent – Through the Medium
  6. Giulio Aldinucci – Come Nuvola
  7. Jacek Doroszenko feat. Ewa Doroszenko – Home is a Nomad
  8. Jacek Doroszenko feat. Grzegorz Doroszenko – Interludium
  9. Jacek Doroszenko feat. Chris Hernandez – Away From Home
  10. Robert Worby – Over Anticipation of the Future
  • compositions, performance and production, Overlooked Horizons: Jacek Doroszenko
  • compositions, performance and production, Soundreaming Compilation: invited Artists
  • voice, Away From Home Yet Feeling at Home Everywhere: Chris Hernandez
  • mastering: Jacek Doroszenko
  • voiceover & proofreading: Chris Hernandez
  • text in the booklet: Antoni Michnik
  • website of the project:
  • graphic works: Ewa Doroszenko
  • cover design: Pineum

Invited artists

Anna Zaradny

Anna Zaradny is a sound and visual artist, composer, saxophonist. Co-founder of the Musica Genera festival and label. Her discography are solo compositions, in addition to projects with Burkhard Stangl, Christian Fennesz, Robert Piotrowicz, Jerome Noetinger, Tony Buck, Kasper Toeplitz. She has held the titles of SHAPE platform, Views 2011 Deutsche Bank Foundation Award at Zachęta National Art Gallery, and the Maria Anto and Elsa von Freytag-Loringhoven Award. Resident at MQ Vienna, EMS Stockholm, KSYME CMRC Athens.

Yann Novak

Yann Novak is a multidisciplinary artist and composer based in Los Angeles. His work is guided by his unique perspective as a queer autodidact. Informed by his partial color blindness and dyslexia, Novak uses sound and light to explore how these intangible materials can act as catalysts to focus our awareness on our own direct experience. Novak’s diverse body of work – audiovisual installations, performances, architectural interventions, sound diffusions, recording, and prints – invites participants to imagine how divergent our individual perceptions of reality can be.


Autistici is a UK electronic music composer who is based in Sheffield (UK). His work incorporates a wide range of sources including textural sound design, orchestration, space and fragments of found sound or field recordings. There is a fascination with amplification and the ability to magnify tiny sounds and bring the previously unheard into focus.


Zenial (Łukasz Szałankiewicz) is an Audio Lead and lecturer at Poznań’s Collegium Da Vinci, focuses on audio in interactive media. Internationally recognized for interactive installations and performances, he’s a new media activist and curator. He’s worked globally, including as a Polish Cultural Institute expert in New York (2016-2017), promoting games and interactive media. A founder of the “Social Committee of the Polish Demoscene” he helped list demoscene as Poland’s intangible heritage (2021) and supports the Art of Coding initiative globally. His interests span early digital communities, video game history, and media archaeology. Since 2023, he’s Zylia’s brand ambassador, specializing in volumetric audio for virtual and augmented reality.


Ampscent is a multidisciplinary duo of Jacek Doroszenko & Marcin Sipiora, focused on using the contemporary electronic music landscape to select and redefine the notion of noise and failure as desirable factors. Their music is based on cold but powerful, consistently thrilling tones and multi-layered sustained tensions while remaining in a distant territory. As much as Ampscent’s use of equipment, its disruption and thrashing reveal an attempt to identify the act of listening as a potentially uncomfortable space. Katharsis and relief come after trauma.

Giulio Aldinucci

Giulio Aldinucci was born in Siena (Italy) in 1981. He has been active for years as a composer in the field of experimental electroacoustic music and in the research. His research on soundscape and use of archival material demonstrates how the interplay between the past and the present can evoke memories and emotions through their temporal qualities. Through his use of field recordings Aldinucci, captures “the natural” by preserving the uncontrolled sounds that occur in our environment, and “the artificial” through the manipulation of these sounds.

Grzegorz Doroszenko

Guitarist and composer living in Bialystok. A musician with extensive stage experience, who has led his own jazz quartet and trio. In 2021, he founded the international band Húrra and released its debut album “In Search of Waves”. He has performed not only in Poland, but also in Iceland. His association with jazz also extends to performing in his own electronic music projects. Originator, creator, and main composer of the Húrra project.

Chris Hernandez

The Texas born artist, now living in Poland, explores the topic of geography and how it relates to the processes of construction, deconstruction, and reconstruction. His paintings and drawings are a narrative depiction of the sinusoidal patterns existing in everyday reality with stones often serving as archetypes that link nature with human nature to question how mankind interacts with and makes sense of a changing world. The artist divides his time as a visual communicator and a language instructor, in each case, working with symbolic ideas that translate to common understanding.

Robert Worby

Robert Worby is a composer, sound artist, writer and broadcaster based in London. His work is rooted in a fascination with sound – its characteristics, its textures, shapes and patterns – and the idea that, when sounds are combined, meaning becomes multi-faceted, slippery and difficult to pin down. These preoccupations inform nearly all his work and fuel an insatiable curiosity.